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The site for using your flowers as a long lasting memory


Vera Tine Beck and her team creates works of beautiful art made out of flowers,

threat and colour, since 2005.



Your flowers make a picture

Are you having a celebration?
A wedding, a baptism, a birthday?
A wonderful garden?
And now you are looking for a unique present?
Or you would like a memory you can treasure for a long time?



STEP 1: Your flowers are prepared!

Even a small part of the floral arrangement is enough.
Just as soon as the petals arrive, they will be pressed and dried.
This is the way they are prepared for YOUR PICTURE.


STEP 2: Your picture is prepared.

You can let our team prepare a surprise for you.
You can also specify your requirements.
Use the examples below to help you choose what you want!

STEP 3: Your picture is ready!

Getting your picture. This is the simple part.
You can collect YOUR SPECIAL PICTURE in our studio, one of us can come personally or it can be sent to you.
Then you have YOUR MEMORY in your hands !




Are you looking for an original present?

- for a wedding. The couple ask for money, but you want to give an individual wedding present?

- for a good friend who has everything. But you want a surprising present?

- or you are invited to a company party and are responsible for the present for the boss.


The answer – an original and unique present!



Here you can buy our unique, personalized box:
"A picture only for you"
Inside, you find a small sample picture and a voucher. You determine the value.
The person receiving the present gets a unique present.
All the person needs to do is to send a small part of the floral decoration from the celebration, perhaps also from his garden.
The Vera Tine Beck team does the rest.
Just contact the VERA TINE BECK team now: info@veratinebeck.com

Let us discuss what you want!

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